Economy, Economy, Economy

By Mediation Solutions USA / September 22, 2023 / Comments Off on Economy, Economy, Economy

In 1992, James Carville coined the phrase, ‘It’s the economy, stupid,’ which many people credit for winning Bill Clinton the White House. Now, divorce certainly involves a lot more than cost and expense, but let’s be honest, cost and expense are two major factors in calculating the efficiency, the effectiveness, and the equity of any…

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The Mediator Tune-Up

By Mediation Solutions USA / August 23, 2023 / Comments Off on The Mediator Tune-Up

When people have children together, divorce may be the end of their marriage, but it is never the end of their interaction, nor of the problems and issues they must contend with. While the children are growing up, there will be inevitable conflicts regarding parenting time, vacations, summer camp, tennis lessons, tutoring, unanticipated expenses, children’s…

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